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Smart Key

Similar to key fobs, smart keys are a technological step up from keyless entry fobs. Smart keys are capable of unlocking and igniting your car from a distance. You may be familiar with this type of key if you own a more modern or luxurious car. This key works the same way as a key fob, but its upgraded features make it capable of turning on the car engine by just approaching the vehicle. This capability makes simple and common life chores much more comfortable. Imagine approaching your car with two handful of grocery bags and a young child to look over. You don’t have the time or hands to reach into your pocket or purse, find your keys and press the unlock button. It makes much more sense to just have the car know you are there and have it open the door for you with your smart key!

At 24/7 Affordable Locksmith our main goal is making your life easier. That is why we offer smart key replacement and repair services. Our specialists are capable of making a copy of your smart key, indifferently of if your still have the original key in your possession.

Does my car brand matter?

Absolutely not. We are able to fix and replace any sort of key independently of the car’s brand. Smart keys were first introduced to the automotive market by Mercedes benz in 1998 for their luxurious S-class model. Since then several automakers have incorporated this effective technology into theirs cars. Each brand’s smart keys are slightly different. However this is no challenge for our experienced technicians. They will replace or repair your smart key in no time. Give us a call for a free estimate right now!


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