Pivot Hinges

Designed for long life and trouble-free operation 24/7 Affordable Locksmith pivots support door weight effectively in many applications they spen a wide variety of styles that can interface with our other products on wood aluminum, or hollw metal doors and frames

ABH Heavy Duty Geared Continuous Hinges


24/7 Affordable Locksmith Continuous hinges provide a long lasting solution for high traffic and high traffic doors. geared hinges extend the full length of the door and leaves no open gap for high security and evenly distributes the weight of the door along the entire opening. Both hinge leaves rotate on same joint and absorb the lateral wear and tear of the door frame. the weight of the door is supported by self lubricating that last the life of the opening continuous hinges do not require any door preparations and can be used in new construction or retrofit applications. Only made in heavy duty form for doors up to 450 LBS impotenzastop.it.


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