Automotive lockout

At 24/7 Affordable Locksmith we pride ourselves in getting our customers out of compromising situations. That is why the backbone of our company is based on lockout specialisation. We understand how easy it can be to lose our keys, be it inside our cars or anywhere else. That is why our specialists are efficient and excel at automotive lockout situations. We have been helping people like you recover their keys for the past ten years, and are so good at it that 24/7 Affordable Locksmith grows by the day! Our main concern is helping our customers get where they are going, no matter what time of the day or night it is or what the weather is like. We will be there! Indifferently of whatever situation you find yourself in, our technicians are suited with a variety of tools and mechanisms designed to help you with whatever you need, even a key replacement! The car will be caused no damage and you will be on your way in no time. The two main tools we use to open your car’s door are slim jims and stick hooks. A slim jim is a lockout tool consisting of a long and thin strip of metal that is inserted in between the door and the body of the car in order to open the car from the inside. A stick hook is a short piece of metal employed to pick the lock of the car open. Both tools cause no damage to your car if being operate by our skilled technicians.

Don’t know where your keys are? Not a problem.

We offer key replacement services as well as key recovery. The procedure is simple and our technicians will have a new key ready for you rapidly. When you call, let our representative know and you will be given an estimate of the cost of the procedure.

Not even trunks can stop us!

Independently of whether you left your keys on the passenger seat or under your groceries in the trunk, at 24/7 Affordable Locksmith we are ready to deal with situations like these. We employ a vast array of tools and services in order to fulfill our goal of getting our customers back on the road safely and swiftly.

24/7 Affordable Locksmith is there for you!

The next time you leave your keys inside your car and need to get to your next destination as quickly as possible, call 24/7 Affordable Locksmith. One of our helpful representatives will greet you kindly and ask you what problem you have. They will give you an estimate and send our nearest technician to help you out! They will be there before you have time to worry about a thing.


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