Electric Strike Buzzer Door

24/7 Affordable Locksmith offers a comprehensive range of buzzer systems for your business or commercial warehouse. If you are looking for a buzzer system installation to control traffic in your store, we have the appropriate tool for the job.

Grade 1 electric strike for mortise and cylindrical lock sets (offset center-line latch entry) offer exceptional product quality with the most features and best value in the market. 24/7 Affordable Locksmith provides customers fire rated strikes which include plenty face-plates and latch monitoring.

Discover the best in door activating and locking systems!!!

Fire Rating Non-Handed.

Compatible with virtually all mortise and cylindrical lock sets.

Easy deadbolt keeper and latch monitor placement. Selectable 12/24V AC/DC.

Selectable Fail Safe/Fail Secure Latch Monitoring Standard Easy Fit wiring connectors for power and monitoring


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