Car Keys

Car Keys

Our vast range of services at 24/7 Affordable Locksmith Include key replacement in the case you have misplaced your key. If you find yourself in a situation where you are missing your car keys, give us a call. Dealerships offer key replacement as well but at a much higher price. Why spend much more money for the same service? We offer transponder and non-transponder key replacement anytime of the day or night and our technicians are equipped with the latests and most efficient technology in order to fabricate a new key for you. You might be wondering “Is the brand of your car is important for key replacement”. Not at 24/7 Affordable Locksmith. Our technicians are trained and experienced in all sort of key recovery and key replacement situations. Toyota or BMW, Audi to Chevrolet, it is all the same to us. We will treat your car as if it were our own.

“Do I need my old keys?”

No you do not. We can make a new key for your regardless of if you are missing your original keys. Our specialists are skilled in key replacement situations and they will treat your car with the most care possible to make sure you and your car are off to your next destination safely and swiftly. Give us a call and one of our kind and helpful representatives will give you a price estimate of the procedure.

Not even trunks can stop us!

Independently of whether you left your keys on the passenger seat or under your groceries in the trunk, at 24/7 Affordable Locksmith we are ready to deal with situations like these. We employ a vast array of tools and services in order to fulfill our goal of getting our customers back on the road safely and swiftly.

We replace all kind of keys

There are two main kind of keys, non-transponder and transponder keys. Non-transponder keys function by inserting the metal part of the key into the door to open open it or ignition to turn on the car. If the key fits the insert, the car will open or turn on. On the other hand, transponder keys are equipped with a metal part to insert in your car as well as an electronic device called transponder that emits a specific code that your car’s transceiver, located in the ignition, will read, and if the key code matches the car code, the car will start. These are much safer keys.

These two type of keys are built very differently, but at 24/7 Affordable Locksmith we are prepared to deal with both of them with the same level of efficiency. We can duplicate or fabricate non-transponder or transponder keys equally. Give us a call now to get an estimate on the replace of your key!


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