Key Fobs

Key Fob for Your Car

Although you may not recognize the name key fob, it is the name given to the electronic part of a car key that allows you to lock or unlock your car from a distance, as well as open the trunk and sound the alarm. If you are familiar with these small gadgets, you uusing such a convenient yet unappreciated piece of technology At 24/7 Affordable Locksmith we understand how accustomed we all are to these gadgets and how useful they are. For that reason we offer key fob repair and replacement services. Whether you have misplaced or damaged your key fob, we are the best solution to your problem. Our technicians are trained and experienced when it comes to fixing fobs as well as programing premium fobs for our customers.
Key fobs are designed using a radio technology that is moderately complex. Your key fob is equipped with a radio transmitter that emits a code every time your press the button, which your car receives, and if the code matches the code embedded in your car’s memory bank, the door will unlock. Every manufacturers technology is slightly different, but 24/7 Affordable Locksmith technicians are capable of fixing or replacing any sort of key fob, no matter the brand or make.
Give us a call right now for a price estimate. We will answer all your car related questions!nderstand how inconvenient it must be to have to open your car door manually after being used to


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